Life Is Beautiful
Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when Tae Sub comes out to his mom?

Anybody have ideas?

I’m basically the worst blog runner of all time. One day I’ll have updates…when you once again forget you’re following this!

Though, submissions are also welcome. :3

I have another problem tho. I wanted to know the title of this sad instrumental song from the drama. I think it is one of the instrumental songs produced in Korea but there are so many of them so I can't find it really. I recorded a part of it but I wanted a full version of the song so I can gain remembrance from the drama when it ends (Nooo!) I uploaded it in mediafire so I could link it here. I hope you/anybody here can help me! T_T mfi. re/listen/od0x85gzihvdyk8/Instrumental. mp3

gah! Sorry I didn’t reply to you yet! I got your asks and I’m not ignoring you, promise~ You’re already farther than me in the drama D: I think I’m on episode 34? OTL

Publishing the ask in case anyone can weigh in on what the song is but I have no clue. :( Sorry.

I'm gonna go crazy! I already found the song just this time! I used the hangul title of the drama to find the ost and I found it!! Haha Dumb me! Didn't think of it! Anyway, you really rock! Thank you very much!! You helped alot, just by giving me the title of the closing song! BTW, the title was 사랑은 기억 속에 흩어져. I saw it on youtube, via google. LOL. THANK YOUUUU VERY MUCH!!! And sorry if I'm so annoying and if I'm bothering you. I just love the drama, really!! :))

Publishing in case anyone wanted to know the song title~ 

You’re not being annoying! Glad you found it! Enjoy the drama~

And also, it's on dramacrazy. Sorry, my bad! And also whenever I had problems viewing a certain part of an episode there, I usually go to gooddrama. I don't directly go to gooddrama because their ads are so annoying. XD Anyway, abt the song I was saying, I cant really understand the lyrics since I'm not korean. If you can, then I'm going to look for that episode where the song was played and tell you so you will know the lyrics. Sorry if I'm kinda bothering you :) I am really this eager. 감사합니다!

I’m not Korean either. I only took two semesters of the language in college so listening for lyrics is a bit of a stretch for even me but it’s the only thing I can think of. haha I can’t find any other info about the OST so :[

Yeah whenever I tried dramacrazy the links were all dead. I’ll have to try gooddrama then, I guess~

Omg! I ddnt xpectd your will reply immediately. I thought you already left this blog because the last post you had was already 4 months ago so I presume I was going to wait like forever (lol) for your reply but I was wrong :)) Anyway, thank you very much! I was looking for that too! But, Im still looking for this one sad song sang by a male. I hear it when they had problems on or before episode 20. So sad this askbox is very limited. Can't type for a longer msg! Again, thank you so much!! :D

Haha nope! Still here. :3

I was thinking of trying to go back and listen for lyrics but they’re all pretty generic so I doubt it’d get me anywhere. OTL I didn’t recognize any of the singer’s voices either so I’m really no help. :[

Hey! I'm so grateful there is a blog about my favorite kdrama :)) But as much as I wanted to wander around your blog but I can't. It's spoiling the drama since I'm still watching it. Hahaha! I'm currently watching at dramafever. But then, thank you very much for making this blog. I hope you won't close this blog :)) And one last thing, can you post the title of the songs used in the drama? I'm very eager to know. I've been googling it but I didn't found anything related T.T 감사합니다!

First of all, thank you!! I’m glad it’s your favorite~ It’s mine as well even though I haven’t been able to finish it…And a lot is going on in my life so I’m on a huge hiatus from putting up more stills of the episodes I have left but I’ll get there eventually~ Not closing the blog, so don’t worry! ^^ And just come back when you’re done watching~ It’s fun nostalgia when it’s over haha

It’s on dramafever??? I need to get my butt over there then so I can watch it! :o

Literally the only thing I could find on the OST is the ending song

Min Kyung Hoon - Forever My Love

Sorry I can’t be of more help there. It’s frustrating how little information there is on the drama. It’s way too good to disappear like it has…

Some good and bad news…

Good news is I have up to episode 40 for Life is Beautiful so I can post more stills from episodes 34-40.

Bad news is, the place I was originally downloading the episodes…some of the files are broken and won’t work or unzip so I can’t watch them. :< So I may have to stop at episode 40.

If anyone knows where else I could watch it, I’d love to know!

Somewhat relevant~ T-ARA N4’s new mv parodies Life is Beautiful! ^^

I love Life is Beautiful and just spent a few minutes going through this blog, thank you so much! <3

Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog :D And I’m happy you’re a LIfe is Beautiful fan~ I’m really slow on making new posts which is unfortunate…but I will have updates again sometime! Promise!